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It has been a while now, that the war has been raging on.
All over the planet Cash & Kill the computer game, is the only activity
all the earth inhabitants have chosen to pursue. Everyone, everywhere
in the world is in front of his monitor playing the game.
The game is simple: you kill: you make money. You get killed: you pay.
At first it was just a game shared by an elite of computer heads, war gamers & kids with too much real time on their hands. Little by little, with all
the resources of the earth disappearing, the game replaced all the economies of the world. Some are addicts of the game, others have no other choice of revenue but to play it.

The game is world wide via the net & is divided in three levels.
Each level is decided by wealth. Level one: the soldiers.
They pay a flat $10 weekly rate to play the game.

Level two: the generals pay $100,000 each.

Level three: the presidents pay one million $ each.

Cash & Kill, the house, sells all the weapons to the generals & the presidents. The soldiers are sent to kill each other in all the battlefields of all the different terrains of the world. The whole war is in real time. The generals have control over the different battlefields, thanks to their satellites.

The presidents have only visual contact with the generals giving them results of ensuing battles.

Entire new legions of players have put all of their life effort in the game. Some love the game & are gifted, others have no choice & use the game
as the latest way of making money on the market platform. The global main frame can hold 1 to 10 billion users.
Right now there are 1 billion estimated players.
The video game addicts are 15° of the population of players.
The workers are 40°, the bet players are 25°, the untitleds are 5°,
& the retirees are 15°.

The president makes 33° of all kills that his country's army defeats.
He can buy & sell soldiers & generals.
The generals own the satellites governing all the armies on the global battlefields. The generals buy weapons from the house
& make a third of the profits on all kills.
The soldiers get free amo from the house & a 100 free death-trials
with a $20 monthly membership. For very successful kill he commits, he receives 33c on the $. Every death-kill results in him paying 33c on the $.

One president is worth a 100 generals. One general has a hundred thousand soldiers at his command. If a general with one bomb kills 1 million grunts, 33% goes to the president, 33% goes to the generals & 33% goes to the soldiers (without them even fighting). A soldier can out-buy
a failing general that he has out-cashed or out-killed. The general can do
the same to a president but that is a coup d'etat. No president has
out-cashed all the other presidents yet.
If that were to happen the game would stop.

1 - If a president kills and cashes on all the other presidents, the game stops. But if the game stops, dissident players, unsatisfied by the lack of combat-playing and money-making, may start one-man-wars against the existing situation, thus starting the game again.
2 - Outside power interests defying the monetary power of the house may try to get or sell weapons independently and directly to generals.
3 - The independently equipped generals can in turn defy other generals
or presidents.

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