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1) Making money just to survive, takes most of our time and energy. Most of the money goes to paying endless services, phone bills, rent, taxes, etc..., which is much much more than the cost of all our other basic survival needs.

2) Most people believe in lies and are generally scared shitless of the truth. The system functions inadequately because the system is bogged down in lies instead of being based on truth or common sense.

3) Some people are actually completely evil and hold high position of power longer than anybody should and some people are actually good but never hold a high position of power because even if they did, they would end up dead sooner than later.

4) Basic survival got confused with plain old greed, corruption and destruction.

5) The more we suck the more we populate the planet. Seduced by the logic of business growth and pushed by ethics of self-importance, we are encouraged to mass produce more so we can be evermore numerous consumers.

6) Our pride and ego supersede any logic.

7) The more we are wrong the more we enjoy being wrong.

8) We have made so many mistakes that it has become impossible to learn from them.

9) Our dreams are a disgrace, our goals are an insult, our lives are a scam, our hopes are lies, our love is out of reach.

10) Doing the right thing might be boring.


Agriculture is the most useful labor on this planet because without it we would starve but when it is used to produce poison food it becomes useless.

Garbage collectors are very useful in getting rid of our trash but if we made no trash and recycled everything, as we did before, garbage collectors would become useless.

Art and religion are as useless as they are needed.

Politics is too dangerous to be left in use.

Public transportation is a useful service but one goes in circles.

If everybody got along, lawyers and wars would be useless.

If we believed in the truth, the mass media would become even more useless.

And finance would become even more useful if it did not exist.


Globalization versus localization; as if one was more suited than the other. We are forced to chose between one over the other when we should be using them both for what they are best suited for.

Humanity has functioned thru time as a tapestry of different civilizations that based their different beliefs on what worth was. There can still be plenty of other capitalistic ventures based on money in the regard of all the gadgetry we all depend on.

The internet is global and should stay that way because knowledge should be shared by all. And by the way, the internet is free and should stay that way as an example that freedom before money does exist in our society.

Agriculture on the other hand should be localized unless the inhabitants of a certain locality are starving and need help.

Architecture is a local affair, why should all cities look the same?

Technology has been both global and local: global for compatibility and local for its production, as it has been, though for all the wrong reasons since progress has enslaved a majority of humanity.

Banks can be local or global as long as they stay legal.

The diverging tendencies between global versus local and the money-based economy versus the economy free of money already exist but the globalist tendency wants to destroy the local economy, control the money as well as what is left of freedom and what is still free instead of being a facilitating factor for overall union.
These different concepts are competing to destroy themselves instead of complementing each other's short comings with their mutual qualities.
In the name of divide and conquer we sabotage the hope that we could function interconnected and survive on our own as a whole.


Is progress benevolent or evil? Evil progress exists primarily to make money. It is not that money is evil or benevolent; money is what it is: a tool that facilitates transactions between commodities and services that are indefinitely different in nature.

Evil progress generates money because it generates more problems than solutions and the more problems they are the more money there is to be made from all the problems.

The problem with positive progress is that it creates more solutions than problems, therefore, generates less money and so it is rarely used. Every positive progress has been bought out and shelved, never to be used again. It has been kept for safe keeping by the powerful who fear to lose power. If positive progress was implemented, less and less money would be used on all the problems that would not exist. We would all start saving money instead of wasting it on destroying the earth and ourselves.
There might be less jobs out there which would gives us more time to do gardening as God intended.

If you look at nature you would come to the realization that we were left in this earth garden to feed ourselves and to take care of it as it would to us. It was not to destroy it and make money or else we would have been left with money machines.


So far what is useless about progress is:
fast foods, soft drinks, sport utility vehicles,TV, weapons of mass destruction, a majority of pharmaceutical drugs, portable phones, gasoline technology, credit institutions, hydraulic dams, nuclear power plants, urban sprawl, shopping malls, make up, plastic tits, plastic bags, plastic bottles, magazines, golf courses, lottery, lead paint, asbestos, pesticides, zoos, barb wire, cyanide, amusement parks, atom smashers, DNA alteration, etc...


What is useful about progress is:
bicycles, roller skates, buses, trains, Hubble telescope, compass, knives, saws and axes (in moderation), magnifying glasses, pencils, hammers, solar power, wind turbines, cameras, boats, libraries, electric cars, internet, planes, and all inventions and discoveries that have been shelved for being too useful to most and not profitable to some, etc...


Most technologies can be retrofitted to ecological acceptability.
If the technology had been constructed on fair bases in the first place, it would have ended up being less polluting, would have employed less manpower, and would have become cheaper as time went on.

The energy crisis we are faced with can be resolved by the sun, the wind, and other technology that is hidden from us.

Plastic is not really needed for packaging but is one of our greatest man-made threat. Let us not forget that garbage as we know it did not exist before 1950. Therefore, the need for energy and packaging can be eliminated if dealt with.

Instead of being pushed to cities by the centralization of progress based on plastic and gasoline, we can be pushed back to the country if we were free and encouraged to have solar panels, wind turbines, and grow our own food in our gardens as autonomous individuals free of the burden of a centralized bureaucracy.

Capitalism would have to shrink to its essence instead of blotting in all its corruption.

alternative energy
economy based on people's direct needs

local community

freedom before money
real food

electric car
wind, solar

personal responsibility
nature before man
natural plants
fruits, vegetables

martial arts
exercise your rights
walk for your health



oil industry
economy based on profit

plastic pollution
global corporation
the implanted chip

internet 2
money before freedom
chlorine, fluoride
fake fast food

fat cars
nuclear energy

man before nature
pharmaceutical drugs
processed meat

the state
police state
run for your life


make a mess
be assimilated


1) Drink water, remind yourself that you are 75% water.
Now that this is done, you have just resolved 75% of your problems.
And while we are still at it, here is another no-brainer: Do not water your lawn because it is a waste of time and water.

2) Cars powered by gasoline are obsolete since they can be electrical.
The gasoline industry is an extremely wasteful and polluting business. It is also dangerous since it creates wars and huge oil spills.

3) Money is not the answer to everything. The wink of an eye, a hand shake, all exchanges not involving money, love, generosity, a free lunch, and other noble gestures have been used in the past as ample compensation in some cases.

4) Eat meat or fish once a week if you have to.
Think of it this way: we are 7 billion people: 3 billion eat meat or fish everyday,
2 billion are vegetarian and 2 billion are starving.
Therefore, about 2 billion animals are killed every day.
That makes 730 billion a year. If we eat meat or fish once a week
that makes 104 billion dead animals a year.
It gives the eaten some time to recuperate.

5) Never sell weapons to outside powers, it only induces them to war. Keep your own weapons to yourself and let the enemy fight with sticks and bones.

6) All plants and domestic animals should be seen as equals to humans, all wild life as superior. Except for roaches, mosquitoes, rats, bed bugs, etc... Which are naturally to be exterminated in the most natural way possible.

7) Nuclear power is obsolete and nuclear weapons are to be dismantled. Every 5 years you reduce your nuclear arsenal in half.
There are two fun facts about nuclear energy.
First, nuclear energy is used to boil water to create steam and the steam is used to power pistons. Therefore the question remains the same: Is there any other way to create steam without killing and polluting everybody? Second, nuclear waste is called plutonium, and plutonium is used to make bombs, bullets, and cancer.
When will Thorium get the chance to save the world?

8) Never destroy a mountain, a river, a lake or an ocean.
It brings bad luck.

9) All forests should be left standing and cared for by removing excess dead wood. Commercial forests can be grown in all the free time you can wait.

10) You can only build a house over the foundation of a previous house.

11) Cut public lighting in advanced cities by half or have them all solar powered.

12) All films, TV programs, art shows, music venues, etc... should be censored if they are deemed "too useless" by a community made of one inebriated individual, one old wise person, one virgin, one prostitute, one bystander, and a kid.

13) Garbage can be eliminated by being recycled, reused, or composted.
We are not sure which will destroy us more efficiently between DNA altering, nuclear waste or the proliferation of plastic bags and bottles which are absolutely useless but drain lakes and rivers and choke oceans. So get water filtration device for home and office use in the meantime before the end of time.

14) War should be left exclusively to the ones who want to fight wars.
The battlefield should be enclosed in a safe location. Participants would be given all the weapons they can carry; grenades, guns, sticks of dynamite, and free cigars.

15) They say that with Hemp, one can make rope, cloth, paper, plastic, bio-diesel fuel, fertilize depleted lands and cure certain cancers.

16) Corporations: there is to be no consumption of their products and no compliance with their business structures until they fully respect the ecosystem bio-diversities' natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of their own survival and ours.

17) Banks can not print fake money, control governments, finance wars, use derivative and hedge fund casino practices, create debt, etc... Besides that, they are free to do anything else their job is intended.

18) Religion: thank God for everything you will never understand and thank nature for the food you are about to eat and leave it at that.

19) The population of the world should force themselves to have one week out of the year to have a holiday under a specific positive simple uplifting theme. The first one would be Laughter. We would all have to laugh for a week, then the rest of the year we would go back to our normal self-sabotaging status quo routines. The following year would be Love; we would have to love each other all over again and reinvent the meaning of Love one more time. It can be followed by Truth, to be truthful for a whole week with everybody and one's self.
Then Freedom, everything free for a week, then the next year there would be the week of Giving, followed by Cleaning, Helping, Walking, Holding hands, etc...

20) Science: progress should be assimilated responsibly in homeopathic quantities.

21) Healthcare: walk one hour a day, eat fruits and vegetables, drink water. If you can have sex, have it in natural amounts.

22) Mass-media: remind yourself that every time you watch a movie it is two hours of your life that you will never see again.

23) Politics: Following yourself in circles is always better than following someone else straight to your doom. The Political process these days is about choosing the less worse of the two.
Which of these two bad scenarios would you choose?
A) a totally corrupt political and economical system with honest people,
B) a totally honest political and economical system with corrupt people.
With the best of intentions all obstacles can be overcome.
With the worst of intentions all obstacles can be created.

24) Social Network: there are 3 rules to properly not be assimilated with social networks.
1a): If you are not on social network for more than 4 hours, it is a start.
1b): If you are not on social network for more than 6 hours, you are getting better.
1c): If you are not on social network for more than 8, you are super cool.
2): Be on social network as long as you can hold your breath.
3): When you use social media you should hide yourself, like, when you go to the toilet.

25) The Economy: THE 1 $ MASTER PLAN
Here is a fun new idea to save the economy, still use money and finally bridge the gap between what things cost and what money is worth: Everything cost 1$.
A loaf of bread: 1$, an aircraft carrier: 1$
you work one hour: 1$, you work all day: 1$
a car tire: 1$, a set of 4 car tires: 1$, a car with tires: 1$
one sock: 1$, a pair of socks; 1$, one shoe: 1$, a pair of shoes: 1$
an egg: 1$, a dozen eggs in a box: 1$
a beer can: 1$, a six pack of beers: 1$
you get married: 1$, you get divorced: 1$
you get a raise: 1$, you get fired: 1$, you get robbed: 1$
rent: 1$, your property: 1$, car tickets: 1$, taxes: 1$
etc...: 1$.


Life is a waste of time, few people will admit to it.

If you make war you are wasting your time,
if you create pollution you are wasting your time,
ruining the economies of countries to get rich
is a waste of time and money.
All your discoveries, your work,
your memories of your accomplishments,
all your crimes, everything you did right or wrong,
the TV-watching, the constant killing of time
and all the other crazy things we witness,
all the data and the info you can not take with you was just what it was...
But it has been concluded in general agreement that...

Sex is the best way to waste your time.


To save the homo-globus economy on earth, we must now use derivatives practices on the whole universe and hope for the worst.
Since everything on earth has been turned into a derivative scheme, we should immediately bet on the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn.
After that, we should then bet on smaller planets, moons, asteroids, and space debris. After we have financially bankrupted the solar system, we should move on to neighboring galaxies and so on until the time when our financial galactic black hole encounters a real black hole in outer space and sucks itself out.


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